Inner View… #5


I got interviewed by this crazy guy, check it out, you just might get a giggle or two. There is hope!

Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:

My next interview is with a very good friend of mine, my old pal Zoe. She has a blog: where she helps people get over the trauma of physical abuse, and she has more courage and strength than anybody I ever met. She also runs a little thing called: That is a website where artists and writers and poets and musicians can get their work showcased. I have had a few poems and songs and my tiki carvings shown there… but only because Zoe walks me through it because I am a computer moron. And, if you saw the post not to long ago, she has one of my paintings in her house somewhere in the frozen North.

She is also the one who helps me with all my tech questions and problems, and helped me make the new changes here on the blog. Notice how nicely formatted…

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6 responses to “Inner View… #5

  1. Al

    Yep, gave me a giggle :-)

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