Tidbits about me you may not know…

I haven’t done an “about me” post in a long time. Does anyone care to know a bit about me outside of abuse?  I know a lot of you who know many things, but there’s a lot of you who may not know anything about me.

For those who don’t  know me as well, I’ve only begun to learn in the last couple of years who I am, and what I love. When one grows up in abuse, they don’t tend to learn who they are. It’s not safe to do so.

Well…It’s safe now, and I’ve begun to learn about me. I’m more interesting than I thought. I think ;-)  Here are some facts about me…

If you don’t care to know, then don’t read on! lol (Slide show at the bottom) Warning Pics of the snake included!

  • I love tattoos, I have three and plan for more. They’re part of my freedom. I don’t worry what my abusers think of them anymore.
  • I love to target shoot, although I’m really bad at it. It’s great stress relief.
  • I love to dance
  • I love art especially abstract. (Picasso is my favourite artist)
  • I love to hike
  • I love photography
  • I love to paint, and write
  • I’m very business minded. (Like running a business)
  • I hate cartoons but absolutely love Elmer Fudd! What’s  not to love about the Fudd?!  I collect him. (Send me the Fudd! ;-) )
  • I’m a licensed hairstylist, but don’t work in that anymore (Thankfully!)
  • I’m a licensed Care Aid. I worked in it for three years and it’s not for me either. I do it well but I never wanted to do it.
  • I love snakes and I have a very big one. 
  • I love to banter…bring it on
  • I can’t sing but I like too when I’m alone, or to torture my Hubby
  • Loving blogging is a given.
  • I’ve written two poetry books, they’re on my side bar. (A dream come true)

This is all I can think of for now, but if I think of more down the road, well I’ll have another post right?!

Tell me something about you. Do you know who you are and what you love?

There is hope!

Below is a slide show of some things I mentioned about me. One of my tattoo’s, my snake, some photography,and my Elmer Fudd collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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121 responses to “Tidbits about me you may not know…

  1. We have a lot in common. I used to target shoot, but it has been a really long time. I don’t have any tattoos…yet. I like blogging more than I ever thought I would. I love poetry but cannot write it worth a darn. Art is one of those things I truly love; I am not an art snob, I just like taking it all in and knowing that someone else created it, whether it was 50 or 1000 years ago.

    • That’s so cool!! I heard you say “yet” to a tattoo! Do you plan on getting one?!

      Once you get one, that’s it, they’re addictive, you’ll want more…lol

      • I want to get one when I get to my goal weight or when I turn 40, whichever happens first. It is going to be a pretty complex one too, worth the effort :-)

        My brother had a pet snake growing up,but it was really a step up from a garter snake. Samson the Snake. :-)

      • That’s great!! I have a big tattoo on my back. Make sure you find a really good tattoo artist. It’s worth paying a bit more to get a good one!

        Samson that’s a great name for a snake, what kind did he have? Our snake is named “Pickles” and she is a red tailed boa. She’s 5 feet right now but will grow to about 12 feet.

      • I did a quick search and he was an eastern ribbon snake. Not very big at all, but ate a dozen live goldfish each week.

        Yes, definitely worth the while to find a good tattoo artist vs. cheap :-) I love yours!

      • I haven’t head of that kind of snake. Gotta go check it out. Gold fish, that’s interesting. Ours eats frozen thawed rats. We are just moving her to once every two weeks now. A few months ago, she struck at me. It was all my fault, she’s a very docile gentle girl, but since then I’ve had a hard time shaking my fear.

        Yes a good tattoo artist is worth it! Thank you the artist I found here is amazing. It’s a 6 month wait to get into him. Where do you plan to get your tattoo?

      • Upper right arm. I figure if I am going to go for it, might as well go for broke! It is a tribute to my grandmother, with the British flag, colored roses and her rosary. If I can find the picture I am basing it off of (my brother’s memorial tattoo to her; his is a little more “metal”) I will link to it :-)

  2. A nice set of facts to round out the picture of you a bit!
    Very glad you’re safe to explore yourself.

    My favorite artists are Dali and Van Gogh.

  3. Something about me. Like you, I love helping others

  4. What do you target shoot with?
    I grew up target shooting with a .22 and a .30-.30. Though, we seldom used the larger rifle because the ammo was expensive, and the recoil was intense.
    And, completely agree, there is nothing quite like the stress relief from firing off a few rounds. I don’t go as often as I used to. It’s hard to find a range I like living in the city. (I grew up shooting at an outdoor range in the desert.) Plus, everything is so expensive right now. But, every once in awhile I get out there and tear apart some targets. My current favorite is my Ruger Vaquero… It’s the little kid in me, can’t help but feel awesome pulling leather and fanning the hammer. ;-)

  5. I like this post! I was following your blog a long time ago as another user, and now as “me!” Like you, the past few years have been a journey of discovering who I am. Cheers :)

  6. Hi there lovely,
    Like you I’m slowly learning about myself the last year! We have some things in common …I love art,photography, I love animals..I’m sort of frightened of snakes, however I think they are beautiful..especially ‘pickles!’ I do like to be in business, I’ve in the past worked in property management, which is a high stress job..I’m not well enough to work full time..with this stress now though. I’m an occupational therapist..although I studied this..I never worked in the field. I love looking at tatoos, I think a lot of them are so amazing..the work involved. I have a major ‘needle’ phobia..so I don’t think I would ever get one though. I also love to read poems, I love the way words can be so ‘beautifully’ written. I agree that there’s soo much MORE to you than your past and you are finding the beauty inside that has always been there and now is safe to shine through….lol
    Love Ziggy

    • Wow Ziggy we do have a lot in common!! I had no idea that you liked business and what you used to do and are trained for, that’s amazing!!

      As far as needles, I don’t like them either but there’s something different about tattoo’s, I don’t think of it as needles for some reason. I think I’m more focused on the outcome and excitement of having the freedom to get it done. It’s art I can always carry with me! Big hugs xo

  7. Shoot? What hardware do you let off steam with? :-)

  8. Pfft, you already know me…

  9. Your a cool chick :) in so many ways. We share a love of tattoos and could care less what abuser would say. My first was done when I was 40 years old and now my entire back is completed by the same artist in Maui. I am thinking my nest piece will be a vibrant sunburst on the top of my foot.

  10. You know, I was almost driven away by the pictures of snakes(*Cringe*) I’m deathly afraid of them. But I am glad I didn’t run away. We have quit a bit in common. I love art, blogging, and photography. I’m not good at any of them though xD

  11. I didn’t know you were an aid worker, or hair stylist or liked Elmer Fudd…or if I did I forgot….I honestly tried to think of something interesting about me… and couldn’t…. at least not at the moment …Diane

  12. HA! I literally turned my head and hit the down button for a few minutes until I was sure I was past everything. :) Thank you for the warning!!!! :)

    I just had to tell you that I couldn’t read the rest of it. But I think you expected that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so good to me!!!!!

  13. Does the snake ever try to eat the bird tattoo? And I guess now I know why you freaked out when I did the funny pics of Elmer Fudd.

  14. welcome to the land of the living hun!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing more of yourself Zoe. I truly appreciate YOU. And I have to say, what a beautiful tattoo that is. Also, that is an absolutely gorgeous reptile. I love the larger snakes (always wanted a Burmese Python, but they get WAY TOO big.) and as far as the Fudd goes, I have only one question? Is it Wabbit season, or Duck season? LOL
    T T T T THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!

    John (JMC)

    • Thank you very much!

      My tattoo has lots of meaning but I’ll save it for another time ;-)

      Cool you like snakes too!! Ours is currently 5 feet but will grow to about 12 feet. Oh yeah Burmese python’s are huge!! They’re also gentle giants!

      I think it’s duck season be shhhh be vwery vwery quiet!

      Love it “That’s all folks!”

      • I would love to hear the stories behind your tats someday. I think that if a person gets a tattoo at all it should always have a very deep meaning or story as unique as the person wearing it in his/her skin, and I am always fascinated by the stories told through body art. I have no tattoos myself (mainly because I have never had a story worth a lifetime on the skin).

        Python’s of most varieties are my favorite snakes and YES the Burmese are Gentle GIANTS. I love the markings of the Burmese. Just beautiful.

        Thanks again for sharing. Be well and keep inspiring.


      • I’d be happy to share the story. :) I think most have a story behind their tattoo’s. You don’t think you have a story to tell?

        Burmese are beautiful :)

        Thank you and well wishes back.

      • I have many stories to tell actually, and I know tattoo’s are quite habit forming. I would be a covered by now if I didn’t show restraint. So for myself, no tattoo’s are better than one.
        I will let my writing tell the stories I do not wear on my skin.

      • I totally understand that, hence having three and wanting more! lol

      • Can’t wait to see what new stories you tell. Here and in the ink. Be well and keep inspiring.

  16. I don’t know anything about you, Zoe, other than you are very kind-hearted. I know that for a fact.

    As for the rest of these points… interesting. You’re a shooter. A dancer. A hiker and photographer, and you love Elmer Fudd… a pattern is developing. Could it be perhaps that you ARE Elmer Fudd? He liked to shoot stuff, and I’m pretty sure I saw him dancing once, and he sort of had a weird poetry-like cadence to his speech when he pursued that rabbit.. and he sure liked to banter.

    Who am I and what do I love? I believe in the inherent passion and power of people to do good, above and beyond anything else that they may do. I believe in a journey that we are on, and that I am a tiny part of that journey, but I am sure that I must try to understand that journey if I can, and that I must do good along the way, for nothing else matters. I believe in the power of songs. I believe in the power of girls. I shut up and carry on. Obviously, I am also a Metric fan… How can you not be? They’re good Canucks.

    There is such hope in who we are, despite how badly we fail at times, that I feel fit to bursting with it most of the time. And that’s when I write.

  17. You are a VERY interesting person! Your snake is beautiful.

  18. very cool. thanks for sharing! I love Pickles! I have a pink red tail named Scarlet. I had her “sister” Ruby also, but she needed more attention than I could offer. She was 5 feet and very nervous so always striking at people. I sold her ot a local reptile store. I have 9 other snakes on top of having Scarlet… They are a fun and varied bunch (everyhting from yearling scaleless rat snakes that are only about as lonk as a kid’s shoelace, to a 6 year old carpet python who is pushing 8 feet)… Great artwork and photography and tattoos also!! I think we have a few things in common in terms of our likes. It’s nice to see that around. Hope you have a great night!

  19. Wow, what a lot of comments! How is Pickles doing? I loved the pic of the papier mache rocks you were making – are they for her? You also love photography (I think you missed this one, although people may “get it” by the slide show you posted).
    Some other things about you: you are a good listener, you are a good friend, you genuinely care about others, you are a very giving person, you stand up for that in which you believe, you help people by giving them some of your strength to help fight their own issues, you are smart, you are brave. Overall, you’re a pretty wonderful person! And I’m glad I can call you my blogging buddy!

    • I’m humbled thank you Benze! I’m glad to call you my friend too!

      We are making the rocks, walls and hides for pickles! Pickles is getting big, too big to quick actually, she’s a little fat so now we have to cut her back to eating once every two weeks and get her moving more, she’s lazy…lol

      I do have photography in my list. ;-)

      Lots of love xo

  20. I love your tattoo!!! I have been wanting one for so long but never got around to it and partly I am chicken (hate pain and needles make me faint); I was a Personal Support Worker in home care a long time ago. I loved it but it was not me…got too attached and a part of me died when they passed too. You certainly have done many things with your life!~ Thanks so much for sharing this with us…I get a little peak in your window (smiles)

  21. You have a snake?? I LOVE snakes! How cool are YOU??

    I have a tattoo – Philip wanted me to get one; I didn’t, but after he died I got a big rose with his name on it. Next, one for Natalie ;o)

    • We do! That’s so cool that you love snakes too!!

      I’m glad you got the tattoo! What’s Natalie’s going to look like?

      • Philip’s tattoo is on my left lower back; it’s kinda big. Natalie insisted I didn’t get it in the middle because that’s a tramp-stamp. Huh? I’m too old for it to be a tramp-stamp, I told her. She did not agree. I’m glad I listened. Anyway, I want hers to be on the right side, and I want it viney and delicate with small pink roses and a banner with her name in the middle. All that is SO not her, but it’s all about me, right?


      • Natalie is right about placement! lol They both sound awesome and it is about you, it going permanently on your skin.

  22. Wow.. Zoe.. those snake pics are amazing!!

  23. Hi, I love your new about me, you are beautiful and filled with many talents. Things will continue to change for you for the better I know it.

  24. I know that I own an original Zoe G and it hangs where I can see it when at my computer.
    I also know now that I can, indeed, write. I always wanted to but didn’t really think I could.

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