Stop Child Abuse

How sad is this?

This is why we have to keep speaking out about abuse. If we suspect it anywhere, we need take action. If we’re passive, then we’re enabling. Enabling is just as bad.

Let’s look out for the next generation.

There is hope!

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30 responses to “Stop Child Abuse

  1. Thanks for sharing…heart breaking…I can’t help just crying…so so sad…we do need to watch for the children in our lives…lol
    Sending white fluffy clouds
    Love Ziggy

  2. Reblogged this on Traces of the Soul and commented:
    We do need to talk about this more. Some of my poetry or stories may be negative but they are the reality of too many youths even today. Break the silence of abuse, talk about it. There are many youth help lines around the world; some offer anonymous, free, 24 hour phone service, some also offer on-line counselling and live chat (some have an app for smart phones as well) and some even include an application to find Resources Around Me. To find a number near you anywhere around the world, check out and click your location to find an accredited child help line.

  3. Save the children of the world, stand up fpr them everyone!

  4. I abhor the thought that the innocence of children is taken away .. Diane

  5. Horrible. I see the reality of it because of my job. But I know we don’t see all of the reality because so much happens that isnt known.

  6. This is a very powerful post, and child abuse is such a reality in our world. As a teacher I have seen it up close and we should be doing more to prevent it as much as helping every victim we can. Thank you for posting.

  7. Those statistics are terrifying.

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