“The Unexpected” Art


“The Unexpected”
Zoe G.

This is a painting that I finished last week. It’s acrylic on canvas. I had a picture in my mind for months of how I wanted it to look. It started out the way I pictured and then, it took me on a different journey. The change in direction was do to a bit of a paint spill, so I decided that the best I could do is go with the spill and see how it turned out.  This is why I entitled it “The Unexpected.”

There seems to be a parallel to life here. We have a picture in our minds of how we want our lives to go, we may even have it all planned out, but more often than not it takes us on all kinds of twists and turns that we least expect, and we end up in a totally different place than our minds painted on the canvas of our brains.

It doesn’t mean that the unexpected changes aren’t good, or colourful, they are just different. It’s the unexpected.

What’s happened in your life that was unexpected?

There is hope!




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71 responses to ““The Unexpected” Art

  1. “It doesn’t mean that the unexpected changes aren’t good, or colourful, they are just different. It’s the unexpected.”

    That’s a good reminder.

    I love the painting and that you were able to go with the process to get what you needed from it.


  2. Your painting is beautiful. I totally understand how you start out with an idea in your head and it winds up being something totally different. This is what mixed media is all about. You never know how it is really going to turn out. Sometimes the mistakes you make turn out to be the best part of the painting.

    To compare it to life, I agree it is the same concept. When you are young and dream about meeting your prince charming and having a few “healthy” children and living the rest of your life in peace and harmony.

    Life, like mixed media art, your dreams of a perfect life/painting doesn’t always pan out but some mistakes do change it in a different direction. In our case the direction went somewhat sour. However, we can continue to work on the canvas to correct the mistake with the hope is turns out the way you want it.

    I hope your day is good….mine started out somewhat questionable but now that I am in the studio keeping busy, it is getting better. Be well dear friend!

  3. Both of my children were unexpected being that my oldest was SUPPOSED to be a twin, but her other twin got stuck in my fallopian tube and had to be removed via laser. (Do you know how CREEPY it is to hear you’re getting a laser put on you?) and then my second daughter was supposed to be a boy. Soooooo, they brought a color to my world that was unexpected but nice. I love them both and I wouldn’t trade them for the world…

    But I would trade all of my monetary possessions for a nap sometimes.

    • I’m sorry that you lost a twin, I’m sure that would have been painful, then add in the laser.

      I’m so happy however that you have your boy and girl, such treasures!

      ahaha a nap, they can be tiring!! (I know that’s an understatement!)

      • Oh no..I have two girls hun..my youngest was SUPPOSED to be a boy. As for losing a twin it wasnt that bad. I was barely pregnant when they caught it and happy to have one baby in utero

      • Ooops I’m sorry my mistake!! I’m glad it wasn’t too bad then.

        We found out after a year of trying that the only way we could have a child is via ICSI (most expensive form of IVF) We went through three round and I lost 7. It was in the first week and a half after but, between the shock of infertility (not me) and the torture of IVF and then losing every round Ugh. I’m still pretty numb about it. The Clinic was horrible, many mistakes. I could have died during the one procedure as the docs didn’t believe me when I told them I was in pain. (I was frozen and heavily sedated but it didn’t take because of my fear)

      • Oh no…poor thing. I’m so sorry. I know that must be hard. I hope one day you are blessed with a child!

      • Thank you but I’m too old for that now. We do however have an 18 year old living with us whom I love like a daughter…twists and turns unexpected…lol

      • Well.at least you have her! Blessings come in all shapes and sizes don’t they?

  4. What a great painting with a great message. I like how the brighter colors are coming out on top. ;)

  5. That happens so often with my writing too. I start with an idea, and the words take the story where they want, and it usually isn’t where I planned.
    Unexpected in my life? The job I’m currently working. I didn’t pursue it, my manager approached me with it out of the blue. The friend of a friend that walked through my door want night, and 3 years later became The Queen. Those are the happy ones I can think of right now. I’m sure there are more.

  6. Love it. It is so much hard to do that than people might think. It is easy to make it look too much like you just slopped paint on there. It can be too jumbled or too minimalistic. I like the dark background tones, then the beige and earth tone layer takes you out of that and into the colors, which feel light and happy, mischievous without seeming like it was done with no thought at all.

  7. Really Good Painting. I really like the background behind the bright paints of colors. God Bless :)

  8. Lovely painting. Art is one of the best therapies. ;-)

  9. Sincerely, still being alive in my life was very unexpected.

  10. It’s very strikingly beautiful…. I have had so many unexpected things in my life that had an impact but most I cannot post… one though was of course M.S. Diane

  11. Meeting you & so many other great blogging friends has been totally unexpected! And much appreciated!

  12. Dear Zoe,
    Thank you for sharing. Life feels like a total mess. As I prepare to say good-bye to my best friend…very unexpected….hope you are travelling ok. …lol
    Love Ziggy

  13. What’s unexpected about my life is that I’m going on 45 and I’m still trying to deal with the crap left in my psyche by Mr. X.

  14. laurienedvin

    I do not know if one can reply to this site. Please let me know before I go any further.

    Thank you, kindly.

  15. Unexpected? Perhaps the most unexpected was when my husband of 14 years told me that he thought that he was experiencing a calling to the ministry and wanted to go to seminary. You could have knocked me over with a feather- it was so completely not foreseen.

    Nice painting! :-)

    • I can imagine that would be a shock, not unlike my Hubby telling me a year into marriage that he wanted to be a helicopter pilot! lol He is licensed now but can’t break into it. Have to have experience to get a job and visa versa..thank you :)

  16. I know that feeling oh too well. I always have a picture in my mind of how I expect a photograph to turn out, and they almost never turn out that way. Some turn out better than expect.. many do not. But it’s fun to watch them take on a life of their own.

    Love your painting ♥

  17. Very powerful. What’s unexpected? I never thought that 50 -ish would be like this – comfortable and knowing but also not.

  18. That is such a cool picture. Look out Jackson Pollock!

  19. Hi zoe,
    Love the unexpected painting ..u incredibly talented , ya I get u totally on the subject of a different direction or unexpected one. …
    My life is sure posing to be different and normally I hate unexpected but im learning to go with it experience life love it embrace it ..its my journey my families to.
    Love lis

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