Breaks and endings…

I simply want to wish everyone a great weekend! I’m going to take the weekend off of blogging. Well at least I’m going to try! Every time I say that, I end up blogging.

You all are just to difficult to stay away from.  Not that I want to stay away from you all…

I just have stuph to do. I have to remember there is a world outside of the computer sometimes.  Noo there can’t be could there? I think I’d rather blog than shop or pick up dog poop. Hmmm maybe I will be around this weekend.

No taking  the weekend off is good.

Well..I hope you enjoyed this conversation with myself. I’ll see you all next week. (Or sooner)


In other news, today is  a bit of a sad day. My other site that I ran with TD will be shutting down today. We’re saying goodbye to sadly. The last two showcases go up today, one is already posted. We worked very hard on that site, and put many hours in but, we just weren’t getting enough submissions to keep running.  I guess some things are just meant to be for a season and this is one of them.  To those who showcased their art on our site, thank you very much. It was a pleasure to do so.

I would encourage any of you artists who follow here and or there, to drop by our site one last time and support the last two artists showcasing today.  They need the support as much as all the other artists that have been showcased.

I tip my hat to wePoets Show It and all that we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing there. Honestly, I don’t wear a hat so it’s metaphorical, by you catch my drift right. Salute!

Thank you to Twindaddy  for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!

There is hope!


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66 responses to “Breaks and endings…

  1. I hope you have a good, productive weekend.

    I am sorry to hear about wepoets shutting down. I know how much it meant to you and how hard y’all worked on it. (((hugs)))

  2. I’m sorry about WePoets– you guys gave it your all plus some. You deserve a standing ovation!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sorry about your other site – I never visited because I am just not into poetry. I would really have nothing to say. Sorry it didn’t work out!

  4. I’m sorry, too, Zoe. But just remember all the good times…like you bossing me around and stuph….sigh.

  5. boo… I will miss the wepoets thing… and you…

  6. Have a great weekend my dear friend! Sorry about WePoets, thank you for all the hard work….sending white fluffy
    Love Ziggy
    p.s I’m trying to be mindful and enjoy my last day with my ‘fur-baby’… I only have a few days….heart broken

  7. Cool Zoe, sorry about the site. Have a good weekend.

  8. :( Sorry about WePoets Huck. I know how much it meant to you.

    On another note….I see YOU peeking here!

  9. On the odd chance that my submission(s) aren’t recorded anywhere else… Is there anyway I can get a copy of them?

    • Can you give us names of what you submitted and if possible the theme categories?

      • Eek.
        I know I submitted poems for poetry contests a couple months that were never published because I didn’t make the final cut. One was for the Tanka (sp?) comp. And one was for the picture with the dark bird comp. And I submitted a Debut Author piece. Something that was a follow-up to the failed magician/bomber story I had going on for awhile… And… that may be it. I’m not sure.
        And, this could be where you tell me that you did end up publishing those poems at some point and I completely missed them.

      • Ha. Let me pass this along to TD, he took care of the submissions. We will work at getting them back to you. I hope everything you submitted was published! I think we published everything we had.

      • No worries. I might have the poems saved someplace. I might have the story saved someplace.
        It was kind of a general question for others too.
        Are you going to keep the site up for a bit? Just so people can go in and look at old posts for awhile?

      • Okay we are working on getting things back to you, I’ve sent two which will be like three ha cause one was sent twice oops.

        I wasn’t planning on leaving the site up, but I did give people a months notice that it was going down. So my hope is they either had their stuph saved already or, they have already gone and retrieved their stuph. We do have stuph saved but in many files for each theme day, so we’d have to go through everything that’s all.

      • Can I just say, I love all the “stuphs.” ;-)

    • you could email us the info. at wepoetsshowit at gmail dot com

  10. And because I’m not completely selfish, just brain dead sometimes, I’m sorry to see WePoets closing down. I wish I had known you weren’t getting enough submissions… I could have sent you more.
    And have a great weekend. I hope you enjoy your time unplugged. We’ll all be here just as you left us when you get back.

  11. Have a great weekend… Diane xoxo

  12. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve been nominated for two awards. You can choose to accept them or not – totally up to you. However, if you’re interested, you can read about them at Congratulations! ;)

  13. grovewithin

    Have an amazing productive weekend off!

  14. My other site that I ran with TD will be shutting down today. We’re saying goodbye to sadly.

    Oh no… but I didn’t even know about this blog!

    There was a saying I learned on a fansite for an online game I play: “Real Life Always Comes First.” So kudos to you for taking time to catch up with real life; I believe it always comes before the virtual one!

  15. If I recall correctly, you make a habit of not following your promises of no blogging… LOL

  16. laurienedvin

    I don’t know if this will find you.

    I have been away after a lifealtering experience and unfortunately have not learned to blog, yet, although I intend to take a class to learn. I write because I am facing the most frightening experience in my adult life.

    I won’t write again, unless appropriately.

    Still, I get so much out of what I read, what you share. I feel frustrated because I am not yet in the loop.

    I pray.

    God bless.

  17. Enjoy your week off, Zoe. Real life always takes precedence to the internet. I’ll be here when you get back.

  18. I hope that your weekend is going well! So sorry about your site. :-(

  19. Well said, old friend.
    And you’re right, Twindaddy rules!

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