Controversial Subject and questions…

Okay I’m kind of putting myself on the line here and it scares me but, I’d like to hear what others think on the subject. So here it goes…

  1. What do you think of medical marijuana?
  2. Would you use it over prescription medications if you knew it could help with none of the side affects that come with prescriptions?
  3. Is it legal where you are?
  4. Have you tried it for medical reasons or otherwise?
  5. Have you considered it?
  6. Would you ever consider it for any reason (but mainly medical)?
  7. If you’re for it,why?
  8. If you’re against it,why?
  9. Have any of you approached your doctors with the suggestion?
  10. Where your docs supportive or not?
  11. Do any of you have your medical marijuana license? 
  12. El Gaupo has a question. Why wouldn’t you use it for medical purposes if you knew it could really help?

While I expect some differing opinions here and I welcome them, lets all be kind. Differing opinions doesn’t mean trying to change someone else’ mind.

There is hope!


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119 responses to “Controversial Subject and questions…

  1. Im not sure…if it was helpful where no other drug was I would.
    I did hear some website talk about organic and there are so many forms and uses ..depending on your issue..Id really research it first and be sure its organic from a good source.

    • Interesting, also different strains help different things. One strain can make things worse where another helps. I’ve done major research on this. They also have compassion clubs where you can safely get it and have to have a docs signature and gov. papers

  2. 1. I am not a doctor, but if it serves the purpose then it’s an option.
    2. Personally, no because of my job. But if that wasn’t a factor, then maybe. Never used it before so I would be a little afraid of the unknown.
    3. No. Probably won’t be for a very long time.
    4. Never (see answer below)
    5. No, not sure with my asthma how I would react so never tried it ever.
    6. Yes, depending on the diagnosis and possible benefit (for example, cancer and increasing appetite)
    7. Who am I to say what does or doesn’t work for someone who is sick or in pain? That is between them and their doctor.
    8-11 don’t apply to me

    12. ((hugs))

  3. I’ve never had reason or opportunity to use medical marijuana. But I have used it recreationally, though I haven’t done that in years.

    the general side effects (from a wide variety of quality) that I’ve experienced weren’t bad enough for me to be hesitant about using it if there were a medical reason.
    I also don’t know what the proven effects of long term use are. I guess it’s important to know that before coming out for or against legalization.

  4. Funny that you should post this…I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently.

    1. I think it should be legal. Sure, it can be abused, but it’s less dangerous than alcohol, which is freely available.
    2. I am strongly considering using it in conjunction with my prescription medication. I’m running out of the very few options for medicating my ulcerative colitis, and there’s a bit of research showing it could be very useful for UC patients. (There are no clinical trials because the US government won’t allow it.) The medication that’s been most helpful in controlling my UC also causes me terrible nausea and appetite loss, and I am almost certain marijuana would help with that.
    3. It is, but you have to see a specially certified medical marijuana doctor. There’s only one in my town, and she costs $200 (which I don’t have). Then it’s another $50 to get the official card from the state. I could get a hardship cultivation permit because I’m poor…but that costs another $100. *headdesk*
    4. Honestly, no, I’ve never tried marijuana before.
    5. I’m seriously considering it, and a friend has offered to send me seeds I can grow. I just have to figure out how I’m going to afford to get the legal permission–I don’t want to do it without that, but I’m living on $700 a month.
    6. Yes, absolutely.
    7. It could help a lot of people, probably including me, with much lower risks than often toxic prescription drugs.
    8. N/A
    9. No, here you have to get the card from a specific doctor.
    10. N/A
    11. Not yet, but I plan to as soon as I can figure out how to find the money.

    • I understand, it is very costly but I’ve heard a lot about how it can help UC. I wish they would make it cheaper to get. For me it could really help epilepsy. Getting a doc to support it is hard and the easiest way is to pay one which is over $400. Then getting it would cost about $300 a month so I know what you mean there! I hope you can get it and that it works for you.

  5. I think I already mentioned, when I found out I had chronic, progressive lung disease I joked with another blogger about it “being just my luck I couldn’t get a deadly disease I could smoke medical marijuana for.” I think medical marijuana has its place. Not every illness known to man has a cure known to doctors or pharmaceutical companies, sometimes you need something else. I especially believe it is useful in the lessening of the effects of chemotherapy – it helps with the nausea & stimulates appetite in people who usually don’t want any food & so they get progressively worse. I think medical marijuana is also useful in fighting pain in terminal patients.
    Where I have a problem with it – a lot of young people seem to think it’s a joke to convince a doctor they need it for “some nervous condition” because they want to get high. If medical marijuana will help someone who is truly ill, then they should have the option of choosing it as a treatment plan. But they should me mindful of all the same conditions as smoking & not smoke it near other people.

  6. If it helps then I don’t see why one couldn’t use it. Personally I’ve never smoked any pot but I have nothing against people who do-except if they overuse it! lol ;)

    Medical marijuana should be legal for those wishing to help themselves. I am not going to pass judgement.

  7. Good questions. The research shows it is very effective for a lot of medical purposes. I don’t use it, but I would rather use a natural remedy over a pharmaceutical if it were as effective. I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal for patients with a medical use card. I am for legalization, because I have seen it help some people a lot. Also, for those who do not want the effect of the THC, vendors make tinctures without it. Alcohol is physiologically a far more dangerous and addictive drug than marijuana. People don’t die or go into withdrawals from marijuana overdoses.

    • Thank you so much for your honesty. I’m with you on this. I have epilepsy and I’m looking into it. I’ve done all the research and made a lot of calls .It’s legal here with an mm card too. It’s just so costly.

  8. I’m torn Huck. I have never tried it. And through out my career I have seen the effects of all kinds of different drug use. Including marijuana and alcohol. I don’t minimize the damage they can do because I’ve seen it. But…if there is a medical need for it, I wouldn’t want to be the one telling someone they couldn’t use it. I can’t say I wouldn’t use it. I don’t know under what circumstances I would use it. But if it was necessary and I needed it, of course I would consider it if it was given as an option. As I would consider all options given.

  9. 1. For medical reasons when nothing else works for pain, I would agree it could be used.
    2.If I absolutely had pain that could not be handled by RX than I would consider it with licence.
    3. It is not legal except with licence.
    4.I did try it once when I had severe leg spasms from M.S.
    5./6. I would not consider using it because I had side effects..didn’t feel well
    7.Medical reasons yes because I know someone who needed to use it.
    8.I’m against ‘social’ use mainly because I believe it alters brain chemistry and so many young people use it.
    9./ 10. I asked my doctor once about it and she was against it.
    10. I would use it for medical but unfortunately it did not make me feel well so I wouldn’t…..

  10. I did it before it was a medicine… now I am just waiting for a reason to do it more.

  11. I know someone who smokes it because it helps his apetite. He would also smoke it because he has back pain. It helps him mostly to eat though. Without it he can go days without eating. It’s legal here with a doctor’s help and a permit. I live in Alberta. Personally I’m all for something that is natural to help a person than the man made stuff. And no you don’t have to smoke it. I’ve tried it twice, but it did absolutely nothing for me (recreational) It just made me cough. haha. If I had to use it for medical reasons I would find another way to use it as I found out I’m allergic to smoke.

  12. I think medical marijuana is fine. I don’t like it. It’s not legal where I am.
    If it helps other people, it’s fine with me.

  13. I don’t smoke it and it isn’t legal here, but for medicinal purposes, i.e. for someone like my husband who is in late stages of Parkinson’s, it would probably be wonderful. Dunno.

  14. complicatedwaltz

    I have used it to treat my RLS. It has to be a specific strain, otherwise it makes my RLS worse. This is where medical marijuana is helpful– on the streets, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s often a blend. I don’t use it so often that I have a card, though. I did years ago, but have let it lapse.
    I also provided it to my grandfather, when he was dying of pancreatic cancer. It was the only thing that helped take his mind off the pain a bit. So speaking of never knowing what is cut with street drugs, I smoked the rest of a joint I had given to him, after he died. I tripped balls that day– it must’ve been laced with acid, or something. No wonder my grandfather couldn’t stop laughing! Oh well.
    I’m not bothered by it, nor do I care about others’ use. Live and let live- it isn’t hurting anyone.

    • I wouldn’t use it without a prescription and go through a doc and compassion club. I know that Stavia causes seizures and the strain indica stops them. I’ve done a lot of research.

      I would never get it off the streets for the reasons your talking about.

      I’m sorry that you’ve needed it and that you lost your grandfather to cancer.

      Sorry but tripping balls and your grandfather laughing made me laugh! I think laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

    • RLS that’s brutal I get that sometimes. It started thanks to a med change a couple years ago. Coming off of it caused me severe RLS. I can’t imagine living with it that bad all the time. Now I just get some nights where it bothering me and it almost hurts but not as severe as when i came off the med.

      • complicatedwaltz

        I have a particularly severe case of RLS and PLMD… and yeah, changing meds can spike symptoms.

        Surprisingly, it’s the Indica (the “sedating” one) that is not recommended for RLS. Sativa is more “stimulating” and that actually helps the symptoms. I have it 24/7 in my arms and legs, following augmentation from a medication that a crappy doctor should’ve never continued with me. As my symptoms increased, he just kept increasing my dosage to unsafe levels. I have a good doctor now (he’s one of the top researchers – if you google the Mayo Clinic Algorithm for the Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome, you’ll find out what the different treatment options are — he also wrote a book, if you need lots of info!). I have found the right combo of pharmaceuticals to help keep my RLS under control, but I have no qualms about switching it back around to use Sativa again. I had a tincture to use, so I wasn’t just sitting around smokin’ a doob.

        Another thing a person can consider (if legal in your area), is growing your own. That way you can completely control the quality of the soil, organic methods, etc. I did grow my own for awhile. You need to have a strong grow light and use a timer to stimulate the growth properly. It was a fun little project and I ended up with all sorts of extras to make into cooking oil, etc. Thrifty!

        If you have RLS, be mindful of what sorts of antihistamines or cold medicine you may take. Anything with Diphenhydramine (Benedryl, NyQuil, etc) is a known aggravator of RLS and one dose can throw a person into symptoms for weeks. There is a good forum online for RLS (Willis-Ekbom Disease Foundation) and a FB group, too, if you ever have questions about RLS! I also have read a lot about it, and am happy to talk shop about twitchy limbs with you, anytime! :)

      • Wow thank you so much! You’ll laugh at this, sativa is the strain that will cause seizures. Indica is the strain that stops them…lol

        Sorry your first doc was such an idiot!!

        As far as growing, my Hubby is really against it. He doesn’t even like that I’m considering it as a med again but won’t stand in my way.

        I’m with you I’d never try the smoking option again! lol Yuck in so many ways! lol

        It is legal where I am with an mm card. But getting one, is a process and like I said finding a doc that doesn’t charge $400 is an issue.

        May I ask why you don’t use Sativa now?

  15. My state just passed medical usage for MJ. If it helps, why not? There are far many more drugs that are addictive and they are legal with a prescription. Hell, alcohol is legal and you DON’T need one. It’s all about the money honey. I wouldn’t use it without a prescription, but that’s just me. I hope you are doing ok.

  16. What do you think of medical marijuana?
    <Great idea. It's a natural medicinal, as opposed to the lab-created junk that is usually dispensed. Natural is good.

    Would you use it over prescription medications if you knew it could help with none of the side affects that come with prescriptions?

    Is it legal where you are?
    <medical is legal in Ontario. They are opening up the production by private entities now, giving out licenses for production of medical. I think in five years, it will just be legal here period

    Have you tried it for medical reasons or otherwise?
    <you're not a narc are you Zoe? but yes. non-medicinal use.

    Have you considered it?
    <see above

    Would you ever consider it for any reason (but mainly medical)?

    If you’re for it,why?
    <natural medicine. fewer side effects. less production footprint. you can grow it easily. but the stigma is killing what I would consider a good alternative, and that's just sad

    If you’re against it,why?

    Have any of you approached your doctors with the suggestion?
    <i've heard doctors bring it up here

    Where your docs supportive or not?
    <almost to a tee

    Do any of you have your medical marijuana license?

    El Gaupo has a question. Why wouldn’t you use it for medical purposes if you knew it could really help?
    <there is no reason not to in my mind

  17. It’s legal for medical use where I live, but I believe it should be legalized, period. I tried it a few times when I was a teenager but I really hated the smell of it and also didn’t like its effects, so I’ve never used it since. I really don’t think that it’s any more of a gateway drug than alcohol or cigarettes and it’s certainly no worse. If it’s regulated and taxed, I think more problems will be solved than presently exist with it. If I thought that it would help me with a medical problem I would ask my doctor for it, yes. Great post – I’ve enjoyed reading the other responses.

    • I’m with you on this. I tried it a couple of times a couple years back and could not stand the taste or smell, it also sucked my mouth
      I would choose other options rather thank smoking for sure. They even have a pill form now. I would go through a doc and compassion club…the safe way. Thank you this has been an interesting conversation!

  18. 1. why not?
    2. off course, yes
    3. yes, legal but still controversial
    4. yes, non-medicinal reasons. good at numbing pain ;-)
    5 & 6 are n/a
    7. I’m for it because it’s more natural (coming from regulated grow-ops) than the crap found in pills
    8 – 11 are n/a
    12. if I could use it but opted not to, it would simply be because of the stigma attached to so called “pot heads”. I don’t have a problem with its use but many people see it as a hippie thing instead of the relief it brings and the low cost. Pharmaceuticals are in the business of making money, so are doctors that push their pills.

  19. complicatedwaltz

    Hey – if you are afraid to approach your doctor, just get a copy of your records and make an appointment with a “420-friendly” doctor. There are lots of them, specifically for the purpose of helping your get your card. I went to one, too. He looked like Jerry Garcia, with a tie-dyed shirt and white doctor’s coat. It was hilarious. Anyways, they do go over your charts and make sure that your health condition would benefit from MJ, that you can safely use MJ, and suggest what strains are good for you, and what sort of dosage is safe. They sort of break the silence and normalize MJ. A “normal” doc doesn’t know as much about it. The whole notion of using MJ has been hysterical and blown out of proportion in our society. It’s not a big deal, really. I did not use MJ and go nuts. I did not lose all motivation and stop showering. It’s like taking any medication — if you use it correctly, it helps your quality of life. If you abuse it — you ruin your quality of life.

  20. Cat

    I have used it for many many years. At one time I was always on it and it did become a bit of a problem. I found it helped me deal with life and made everything feel more bearable….less miserable. I still use it, but not so much. I have chronic back problems and it definitely helps with pain/muscle relaxation etc.
    I’m not necessary certain I would recommend it. Depends on the individual. If you use it appropriately, then why not

  21. I have suffered great pain for many years (not so much now I’m gluten free).. but I can tell you that when you are in the middle of a weeks long severe and debilitating migraine, you would take whatever could help. I try marijuana recreationally a few times when I was much younger (like almost 30 years ago).. never did much for me. But if it was legal and it could ease my pain and I had a doctor willing to prescribe it, I would probably take it. I use hemp products all the time. I think hemp is a wonderful product for so many different products and should be grown commercially much more widely than it currently is.

  22. My father and I live in Washington state, where recreational use is now legal. He has talked to his specialist about it; I haven’t talked to any of my doctors about it yet. When I did my psych eval for a spinal cord stimulator, the psychologist did tell me that eating it was the best method, which I said I agreed with (I’m not interested in smoking or vaping).

    There has already been amusement over the Super Bowl this Sunday as the two teams facing off come from the two states where recreational use is legal (yes, Colorado is the other one).

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