Update and massive fire…

Okay so yesterday Hubby took me to the dentist office. It actually went pretty well. They treated me better than I expected. They didn’t charge me at all for the appointment, x-rays or scan that they did of my whole mouth. The verdict is that the only way this issue is going to be resolved is to get a crown done. :(  I got a price estimate from them and it was less by half than what I was last quoted. Hmm…

Anyway, I’m still going to go to the new dentist and get an unbiased second opinion, with my brand new x-rays in tow. That will save me the cost of having to get them done again. After I hear what they have to say, I’ll make a choice on what I’m going to do and where. I’m so thankful that Hubby was willing to take me yesterday.

Now in other news… 

Our neighbourhood had quite the scary/exciting Sunday evening around here. A house about a block away from us went up in flames. My Hubby is a volunteer Firefighter. So he was on the scene. Given the fire was only a block away, I grabbed my camera and walked over with a neighbour to check things out. I was very surprised to discover that we could get so close to the fire. It sure brings a neighbourhood out of hiding! In fact I was directly across the street. While I was walking over, I heard three explosions and my heart was pounding. I needed to see that my Hubby and all were okay.

Thankfully there was no wind that night like there usually is, and it was raining.  The house, the garage, and a vintage Mustang where completely demolished. The house next door had damage to the roof and attic. The Firefighters managed to stop the second house from going up in flames. Thanks to all our volunteers who risked their lives to save others.  Speaking of others’ no one was hurt.

I was able to get a lot of pictures and some video footage. I would love to show you some pics of my Hubby and hero but, he would rather not be shown. So here are some other shots of what I saw. I want to go back to the scene and take pics of what things look like now. It’s chilling.

Massive House fire

“Black Smoke”

Above is the first shot I took. This was from my driveway.

Massive Fire

“Between the Houses”

Here (Above) you can see between the houses how much black smoke there was. This was also taken from my driveway.

Massive House Fire

“Fire getting worse”

Things progressed really fast as you can see above. I still wasn’t on scene here yet.

House Fire

“Seeing Fire”

It was surreal watching this. Above I’m on my way to the scene still.

Massive House Fire

“Up in Flames”

This sent cold chills down my spine. I was hearing explosions at this point. I couldn’t get there fast enough. I needed to see that Hubby was okay.

Massive House Fire

“Manning the Hose”

A couple of our hero’s above, right in there. Wait until you see the next couple of pics.

Massive House Fire

“Fighting through the Smoke”

Look at all that smoke, but it got worse…

Massive house fire

“Engulfed in Smoke”

You can hardly see them now. And then…


“Our hero’s. Fire almost out”

The fire here is almost under control!  Thank you for your hard work and bravery.

Hubby told me that they went into the house and pulled out pictures, and memories for the family where they could. Talk about going above and beyond.

There is hope!



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56 responses to “Update and massive fire…

  1. I am glad nobody was hurt in the fire and that you have a plan for the dental woes. Your hubby is one of a kind! :-)

  2. hope they will find a new place to stay soon !

  3. Every dentist knows that a crown is necessary after a root canal. I’ve had them before and then found out it was even more money than the root canal .

  4. Wow. I’m glad everyone was okay.

  5. Al

    That looked pretty intense. Glad they were all safe

  6. I’m glad they treated you well. I’m happy everyone was ok..

  7. Your Hubby (and all the other volunteer fighters) is a hero!! Tell him “thanks for all he does” from me and everyone in the kingdom.

  8. Fire is incredibly frightening when you see it live in action, isn’t it? Thank goodness for brave men and women like your hubby who help to keep all of us safe!

  9. What a wonderful thing to do.. to grab any pictures that they could..because they can’t be replaced… Glad everyone was okay… Diane

  10. Hero hubby!! Glad you have a plan of action for dental probs. Sending gentle hugs…happy smiles…lol
    Love Ziggy

  11. Oh gawd, it’s terrifying to see even just in pictures. I’m glad no one was hurt and eternally grateful that there are people prepared to do such a dangeous job.

  12. Losing their home! I hope they are all okay, and thank those firemen for doing that very kind act. (I know I already responded else where but would feel guilty not responding here. ;) )

  13. Paul

    Wow,scary stuff. Give my regards to your hubby for his efforts. Where would we be if there weren’t people like him? I am glad no one was hurt and I hope they find new homes.

  14. Oh, you never told me the firefighters tried to grab pics & mementos for the family! They really went above & beyond! So brave!

  15. Glad you’re okay, both times.

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